Welcome to the Custom Trim Specialist gallery of interior design work. 

This is where I present the recent projects I had the pleasure of working on in Toronto and surrounding areas. Each of those images was taken from an actual home in Toronto where I did interior design work, installing decorative trim, coffered ceilings, millwork and wainscoting just to name a few. Toronto and North York have a distinct taste for lavish, luxurious interiors where a space is developed to its maximum potential, creating depth and shape on every surface to produce a classic, beautiful style.

My services as a trim specialist are superior due to my background as an interior designer. This allows me to match the trim style to your home’s interior, creating not just a decorated space but a room where every element is in complete harmony with every other. See for yourself, and take ideas for your own Toronto trim, millwork or other interior project.


Wainscoting - Crown Moulding - Coffered Ceiling


Wainscoting - Crown Moulding


Trim work full house




Decorative Trim